Chandra Nandni / Nandini 18th October 2016 Written Updates Episode 07: Nandini Places a Condition


Here the epic story of Chandra Nandini gets a great track with the reveal of the two young faces in the show. The show had become much awaited till now as the plot and the thought is get something new for the viewers till now. Till now we had seen that Padmanad had captured Mora and Mora gets interact with Chandra for the first time. Chankaya gets impressed by Chandra’s bravery and makes an aim that he will make him supreme ruler.

The last episode starts with Chandra gets beaten by his father for the coin. Chankaya comes there and give the money to his father and says that from now Chandra is mine. He takes Chandra and tells him that he should make every decision in life by his heart. In the palace, Mahamatya is teaching Padmanand’s sons and then they all gets shocked when Nandini aims the bull’s eyes. Padmanand gets happier at this and says that I will teach my daughter from now.


Chanakya asks Chandra that he should make every decision by his mind and on the other side Nandini says that she will take a decision by her heart. They both gets the training and they both shown to be grown up. In the ashram Maliketu who is a student of Chanakya is fuming with Chandra. Chandra’s friend ask him that did he not like girls or did he not get married. Chanakya says that I will not marry and never will.

In the palace, Nandini hears her marriage talks and rushes out of the palace. Padmanand gets tensed but then relaxed when he saw Nandini alright. Nandini says that she went to save a lamb. Nandini’s bhabhi take her and ask about marriage. Nandini says that whom will snatch my heart I will marry him but it’s impossible that I will love someone more than my father. Chandra says to his friends that I will take marriage decision by my mind not be the heart.

In today’s episode, we are going to see that Nandini says to Padmanand that she will marry who will defeat Dharma Bhaiya and wins my heart. Padmanand agrees and says that he knows a guy who can do this. Now it will be interesting that this will make Nandini and Chandra meet with each other or not. Stay tuned with us for more updates and gossips of Chandra Nandini like this.

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