Chandra Nandni / Nandini 19th October 2016 Written Episode Updates: Chandra See Nandini’s Face

Chandra Nandni

In the last episode of Chandra Nandini, we had seen that Nandini is seeing her bhai and Gautami bhabhi romancing. She laughs and goes to her friends. Then Gautami comes there and Nandini plays tricks with her. Gautami then comments and says that you can’t do this all next year. Nandini thinks on at this and looks away. On the other side, Chandra and Parvatak are practicing and aims at the flag.

Chandra NandniChankaya comes to Chandra and praises her for his aim. He then comments on Parvartak’s aim and says that he should think from his mind. Then after Nandini with her brothers and they are insisting her for marriage. Nandini neglects and then Padmanand come there. He says to Nandini that you will follow my order too. Nandini says that she will marriage on one condition.

Padmanand asks about the condition and Nandini says that she will marriage the one who will defeat Dharam Bhaiya. Padmanand agrees and says that he knows a boy who can do this. Parvartak gets the invitation for the marriage and he shows the same to Chandra. Chandra makes fun of him and leaves. Chanakya comes to Parvartak and says that he will not go. Parvartak argues and Chanakya leaves.

Sikandar comes to Bharat and becomes friend with a king. He makes him greedy and gets his dynasty. Chanakya gets wake up getting restless and goes outside. Chandra sees him going and ask him that what had happened to you. Then they get an information about Sikandar and Chanakya says to Chandra that this is the time to action.

He says that now you have to prove yourself. Chandra gets aim. Nandini gets to know about the boy who is coming to marry her. She makes a plan with her friends and gets ready as boys. Then She goes to meet Parvartak. There was Chandra seeing as Pravartak. In today’s episode, we are going to see that Chandra and Nandini are fighting with each other and Chandra removes her fake mustache. Now it will be interesting to see that what turn did their story take. Stay tuned with us for more updates and gossips of Chandra Nandini like this.

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