Checkout: Why ‘Moto E3 Power’ Will Not Get The Latest Android 7.0 Nougat Update!


The latest news is out by Motorola regarding the latest OS update which is going to be the latest upgrades in its 15 version of smartphones. The Motorola company has revealed that about 15 smartphones who will be getting the latest updates of Android VersionĀ ‘The 7.0 Nougat’ till the next month.

At this time when every single smartphone brand is doing whatever they can do and to provide the most of the features in most lowest price, Motorola might be lacking this strategy and this is what will going to affect the sales of Moto E3 the most.

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Now after watching the list the only thing which comes to the minds of the Motorola users is that why is there no name of Motorola E3 which is one of the latest released smartphones by the Motorola company which is having a very great and amazing battery backup,

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Now here is the official news and statement from the company about why they are not giving the latest released device to have the latest version of OS.

The main reason behind not updating the OS version update to the smartphone is because the phone belongs to a budget smartphone and costs around INR Rs.7,999 and it has just completed one month in the Indian market.

While the other statement from the company states that the smartphone will not be getting the update because they are not eligible for the update, but due to some market analysts the main and biggest reason behind not giving the update will be the sudden change from the company which is mainly attributed to the increase in the release of moto smartphone in the budget arena.

This might be a very shocking news for so many buyers who are thinking of buying the new launched E3 Power or if they buy it they have to make a compromise of getting the latest version of Android which is the Android 7.0 Nougat.

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