‘Chicago Fire’ Season 5: Latest Spoiler Update & Upcoming Highlights About Jimmy’s Life!

Chicago Fire - Season 3

The 2nd Episode “A Real Wake-Up Call” of Chicago Fire season 5. A character is still pending of the team of “Chicago Fire” season 5 in episode2, as he responds to a car accident in this episode this accident turns to the worse.

In this episode will see the team respond to call that is from a vehicular accident. As they went about their job, the already burning vehicle explodes. The Promo for the Episode 2 of “Chicago Fire” shows that one of the firefighters caught fire after the explosion & leaves him as he is bad injured. Now it is suspense that who is this character , but the fans now speculate that it is Jimmy (Steve R.McQueen). Jimmy sees that Boden(Eamonn Walker) as the person who is responsible for her brother’s death.

mouch-chicago-fireThis time, it could take it to a new level of “Chicago Fire” season 5. It is interesting to see that Jimmy would convince that his brother’s death was by Boden, let’s see how this clash explodes. In this promo also sees that Boden at the bedside of the badly injured firefighter.

Passionately & emotionally Jimmy feels that the Boden was responsible for his brother death. Boden knows that he do the right thing but no one is going to forgive him. Let’s see whether or not jimmy was the one who ends in the hospital in “Chicago Fire” season 5 episode 2. As speaking to the TV line, this time, the executive producer Micheal Brandt said that the things will get “as ugly as it can get”.

The fans are over excited to see that what will happen to jimmy. It is an American drama television series which is executive produced by the Dick Wolf and produces by Derek Haas, Micheal Brandt, and Matt Olmstead.

This season was ordered by the NBC on November 9, 2015. Premiered of the “Chicago Fire” season 5 on October 11,2016 “Chicago fire” season 5 episode 2 “A Real Wake-Up Call” is set to schedule to air on Tuesday, October 18 at 10 p.m. on NBC. For more updates and quires stay updated with THENEWSRECORDER.

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