‘Chicago Fire’ Season 5: Premiere Dates Postponed, New Airing Dates & News Updates

The premier date of Chicago fire is around the corner  . Just  a matter of some days fans been counting on this .But sadly there is a rumor floating in  public that “Chicago fire” won’t air on Oct 11,2016 but will be aired next year! that’s quite a very long time.

Viewers of this series are really in shock after this news . Waiting for some months may have been easier but in 2017 and  months away in it . well, this news was reported by a news outlet. Everyone was really unprepared for this atom bomb as people were already waiting for the new season to air . many people also did protest that the two shows of” Chicago franchise” only, were not delayed then why only this one.

chicago-fir-season-5So the main reason came out that the show was indiscriminately pushed from its schedule which becomes the cause of problems in many areas mainly viewership. It all was just a wrong communication lead to misunderstanding.

There is no reason of overthinking  or even being upset about the show not being aired because after checking there was no problem found in the filming of Chicago fire which means it will air on Oct 11,2016 only. by this time they are preparing to air the show will all possibility , the time slot of the show will be same hope soon NBC.

By postponing such a highly viewed show, the channel only would be going in loss . worrying about what is not sure is going to happen,  is of no intellect , let’s just enjoy the show whenever it airs.

The topic of tension should be right now to what is going to happen in  the first episode of season 5 ,  will it still go on the story line of season 4 or there is something really big coming our way.

How will be the case down Louie family unit be impacted due to the travails of demanding officer and the entry of the child in the family ? The story still traps us all inside it

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