China Government To Ban Online Gaming After Midnight, An Open Rehab For Addicts


Beijing: Gaming is one of the biggest addiction for teenage as well as other age group and as this is somehow turning to be invasive for some bright minds thus China on October 8 declares to ban online gaming after midnight. By taking social and mental growth in concern China plans to make this open rehab for addicts.

As the youth of China is highly indulge in gaming thus this pushed China Government to take a step towards it. China government then plans to ban online gaming for youth after midnight. This can be a useful and effective rehab for all the game addicts.

gamingChina government is also planning to open rehabilitation centres for game addicts especially for youth under 18 as they get highly focused towards games.

China holds the highest internet population on earth i.e. around 750 million. The age group between 10-39 cover the 74% regular usage of internet in china while the 20% gets covered by an age group of 10-19.

If the ban will come in action then the youth aged below 18 won’t be able to play online games between 12 A.M. to 8 A.M.

Youth showcased their hate towards this on Weibo (a Chinese Equivalent of Twitter). Moreover, this is not the first step which was taken to diminish the use of gaming as earlier in the year 2007, gaming operators were instructed of deducting points of they will play more than three hours on a game.

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