Chinese Police Raid And Shut Down Fake iPhones Making Unit

Apple’s fake iPhones making is big business in China. The alleged supplier of fake iPhones was found with 40,000 units as the local police closed the massive operation.

Nine suspects were arrested and confiscated with over 1,400 faked multiple brands handsets as announced by Beijing authorities and the city police.

The Beijing-based supplier was found allegedly establishing one of the largest knock-off phone operations in recent years as per police.

fake iphones china

41,000 fake iPhones, 66,000 smartphone circuit boards, with value of over US$19.7 million and million imitation handset accessory units have been faked since January.

The investigation started after a batch of fake smartphones were found shipped to U.S.

Chinese authorities raided a factory gearing towards electronics repair owned by a 43-year-old man, Yu, and his wife.

100s of employed people were found specialized in refitting discarded motherboards from old phones, into new casings, for sale as the knock-off handsets.

The old motherboards came from outside China and for the casings, material, were shipped from the Chinese city of Shenzhen, labelled with brand names.

These fake phones were then exported to foreign countries, the police added.

The knock-off operation remarked China as largest fake smartphone business country, a major producer of handsets and world’s highest electronic wastage site.

Enforcement of intellectual property has been incepted since April as per Beijing police and local suppliers have been seeking to cash in with iPhone’s popularity.

Both new iPhones and older ones are in demand as a result in Shenzhen, and entire mall has been set up for
selling second-hand iPhones that are refurbished for resale.

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