Chris & Jennifer’s Journey Of ‘PASSENGERS’ Didn’t Seems Too Exceptional


One of the upcoming movies has started to create a very great hype and is getting great response as the expectations are becoming bigger and bigger as the releasing dates are coming closer gradually.

The movie Passengers which is basically a romantic movie which is filled with amazing science fiction scenes and story which is based on a space ship and some very high tech futuristic events. The movie is starring two of te very known stars of Hollywood, JAnnifer Lawrence and Chris Pratt. The movie is scheduled for a worldwide release by the Columbia pictures on 21 December 2016. The movies based on a very amazing and interesting story which is about a spaceship named as the Starship Avalon, which is on its 120-year voyage to a very distant colony planet known as “Homestead II”.

jennifer-and-chris-in-passangersThe spaceship is transporting around 5,259 people, but due to a malfunction two of its sleeping chambers got opened and as a result, two hibernation pods open prematurely and those two people that awoke which are being portrayed by Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Pratt are stranded on the spaceship, which is still 90 years from their destination. This leads to a very big tragedy which endangers other life too.

The very first trailer of the movie which si being released by Sony entertainments have shown the greatest space journey which will going to start from 21st December, 2016 and is very much expected to get a very decent response from the audience as the movie is not having a very great story or exceptional characters in the movie while marking the whole story which is basically as love story, so this might affect the story otherwise the story of the movie is having a great decency.

As the movie is lacking some very critical parts which must be in a science fiction movie to make it work, take example of Interstellar which is having all the crucial things and that leads to the successful journey of the movie on the Box Office while on this side the movie is not looking very much impressive, while the role of Aurora Dunn which is being done by Jennifer is not having those sparking things between her and Jim Preston done by Chris Pratt.

passangers-2-movieSo there are a lot of assumptions and buzz taking around about the movie but it;s not very good to decide about the movie before watching it.

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