CNN poll for US presidential elections: Hillary Clinton and Jeb Bush lead

Hillary Clinton’s husband, Bill Clinton, was a US president; and Jeb Bush’s father and brother George Bush were presidents – both families might have to face off next year at the US presidential election polls.

But before then, both candidates are leading the polls in their respective parties – meaning they may each emerge their parties’ main nominations and have to face each other at the polls as Americans decide who they’d want to be their leader from among the two.

The national poll released Wednesday revealed that Hillary Clinton has the backing of 57% of Democrats, while others within the race with her are Joe Biden (16%), Bernie Sanders (14%), Jim Webb (2%), Martin O’Malley (1%) and Lincoln Chafee (1%).

In the Republican arena, Jeb Bush has the backing of 19% Republican voters, Trump (12%), Mike Huckabee (8%), Ben Carson (7%) and Rand Paul (7%).

Political analysts say Clinton is leading by all Democratic contenders combined by 40% points, but between her and Bush, the polls is 54% and 41% respectively, while Clinton to Chris Christie has a polling of 56% and 37% respectively.


Furthermore, between Clinton and Rubio, the grading is 56% and 38% respectively; but between Clinton and Walker, it is 57% and 38% respectively.

But that is not all – Clinton has 59% backing in a poll against Donald Trump who has 34% of voters behind him.

It is evident that Clinton is leading by the majority in most of the polls, but it is not election time yet and things have a way of changing.

The contenders are not resting on their oars yet, and they are putting in more efforts after having their eyes opened by the recent polls.

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