Coca-Cola Comes With World’s First Selfie Bottle Takes Pictures While You Drink

Coca-Cola Comes With World's First Selfie Bottle Takes Pictures While You Drink

The things are getting on another level of upgrades and this time the name which is taking place in the list is of coca Cola. The soft drink manufacturing company has given out something which must be one of the most unique and totally unexpected advancement made in the bottle of a Coca-cola, the Coca-cola bottle will going to come with an embedded camera in it. The company is setting selfie cameras on some of their products, while this seems to be the best way of promotions of their product, it is also a very innovative and creative way of using the trending technology to introduce the bottle with a selfie camera over it.

Coca-Cola Comes With World's First Selfie Bottle Takes Pictures While You DrinkWhile this camera on the bottle of Coca-cola will going to take a selfie of you and will going to make it viral in your social media suddenly and recently as it takes your picture on social media’s like Instagram, Facebook and Snapchat. While the feature will going to work when the holder will going to hold the bottle  on the level of 70-degree and the feature will going to detect itself and will take a picture of the holder.

This might be one of the best way to increase the sale of the sale of this soft-drink which seems to be falling down and the profit analysis reports of the company shows that the company has got a 1.5% in 2015 and about 1% in this current year 2016, so this idea might be the best one to gain the lose profits in the coming time.

The statements have shown that the Coca-cola company will going to give away the selfie bottles which has been devised by the Gefen Team for the Coca-cola summer love campaign at the Israel’s largest outdoor brand event. While the global reach and access is not being given  by the company till now. So guys stay updated about the latest trending news and latest buzz.

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