“COEAI” Bans ADHM ‘Ae Dil Hai Mushkil’ Release In 4 States Over Pakistani Artist In Movie!


The problems of Karan Johar’s movie ‘Ae Dil Hai Mushkil’ is not getting an end and the growing problems for the movie is having a very adverse effect on the movie and its publicity, while the reason behind the problems with the movie is not very reasonable and also not justified as in views of the movie makers and stars who have acted in the movie.

Now the latest news which is marking the problems for the movie on another level is the ban of the movie is four Indian states, as the Cinema Owners and Exhibitors Association Of India (COEAI) has given out the decision statement that they there will be no release of any movie who is starring any Pakistani Actor in the movie and they will not let any movie to release in the theatre too. Nita Datar, president of COEAI, said in his statement that there is a serious need for us to take a serious step towards this growing concern and fight between these two countries.

starcastAnd while ‘keeping the patriotic feeling in the mind and all the national interest, he request all his member exhibitors to refrain from screening movies which have involvement of any kind of Pakistani artist, director, music artist or any type of involvement from Pakistani person in their movie.

She also added that till all the problems and situations between Pakistan and India got solved there will be no release of any type of Pakistani movie or any movie which ahs involvement of any Pakistani actor.

This statement has affected the screening of the upcoming movie ADHM Ae Dil Hai Mushkil which is starring Fawad Khan who is a Pakistani artist and basically originated from there and his movie will not be put up into Maharashtra, Gujarat, Goa and parts of Karnataka.

The decision will be conveyed to other states as well. On further statements about the upcoming Shahrukh khan’s movie ‘Raees’ which is also having a Pakistani artist Mahira Khan, Datar didn’t talk much about this topic and postponed the statement and decision for ‘Raees’ after some time and if the situation still exists at that time.

The news has seriously shocked All the movie makers who were involved in the making of ADHM and is expecting some more of problems to come in the upcoming time, and if the situation between Pakistan and India remains the same.

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