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cold war 2

A movie which has created lots of buzz and too lots of collections among the audience when it was released in Hong Kong and has made the viewers fan of the movie.But this time it is going to release in US and this time it is about the same as it was in Japan Cold War as in 2012 Hong Kong police thriller movie which was directed by Sunny Luk and Longman Leung The movie is starring Aaron Kwok and Tony Leung Ka-fai, and is having a guest starring Andy Lau. The film was selected as the opening film at the 17th Busan International Film Festival and released in Hong Kong, Macau, and mainland China on 8 November 2012.

cold war 2T

he story is about a police who have long been untouchable in Hong Kong which is Asia’s safest city. One midnight, though, a police van carrying advanced equipment and five police officers who goes missing without any signs. The kidnappers possess detailed knowledge of the police’s procedures and have planned several steps ahead of them. The police must meet the demands to ensure the hostages’ release, including the delivery of a large ransom.

Two Deputy Commissioners, Sean Lau and Waise Lee who fight over who should lead the rescue operation, the code is named as Cold War. Lau wants to negotiate with the kidnappers while secretly tracking them to their hide-out. Lee is ready for a direct attack, no matter what the cost they have to suffer.

For them, there is much more at stake than the safety of the hostages or the police’s reputation, because the Commissioner will be stepping down in two years, so one of them will receive a promotion. Cold War will determine who will climb to the top. Lau is from Management, while Lee is from the head Operations. The former does have the support of the Security Secretary because of his skillful management of the police’s finances. The movie iis something which is just on another level and the plotting is quite amazing and the story too. So it is a must watch movie for thrill searchers.

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