Collection: Appa Movie Review Tamil Drama Sequel Of Saattai Gross Box Office


Movies which are based on real life events are missing from the box office but when these types movies comes they seriously touches the hearts of the people so much and gets so much attention and love from the people with lots of appreciation and praises.


A movie which is truly based on the true life events which is being Produced and Directed by Samuthirakani. A movie like Appa is a movie that features also the Tamil director in the lead role. Also the man behind the story is too. Samuthirakani when asked about the movie tells that the movie is based on a sensitive subject and that it has a very close spiritual sequel to Saattai movie which was released in 2012. The famous singer laiyaraaja who is blessing this movie with his songs and the most of the featuring music.

The movie is based on true life experiences which is closely learned by the Samuthirakani and he is expecting them as well, it will reach the audience and touch their feeling and even able to make them emotional and with launching in 12 languages the movie is not leaving any chance to make it a big hit. All the things is set to hit the theaters on 1st of July.

The leading role is being played by Samuthikaran as the role of a father who identifies his son’s hidden talent and encourages him in developing it further. He is one of the three fathers who will be playing in the movie along with their three sons. The second father decides the life of his son even before he is born while the third one tells his son to stay low and live a life without any ambitions, expectations, and complications.

The movie is based on a story which is not being copied by any other story and is totally true and can be seen anywhere by anyone but to put it in a story and making a movie out of it is just amazing and he is getting most of his praises because of this this plotting and story-line of the movie which is just far beyond amazing.

So the movie will going to release on 1st of July 2016 and is getting good response from the audience and is having lots of expectations from the audience who will going to watch it today.


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