Color Tv Kasam 12th September 2016 Written Episode Updates: Rishi Orders Tanuja To Get Out


The episodes of Kasam had now featuring Tanuja and Rishi’s closeness. The story is taking a new turn as Rishi is doubting on Tanuja. The last episode starts with Rishi shouting at Tanuja and says that he had seen her true face now. Rishi says that I will not spare you now at any cost. Tanuja then says that she had just come to help  Nakul. Tanuja is about to take Nidhi’s name but then gets stopped. She tries to defend herself but Rishi drags her outside and says her to leave. Beeji and all other comes to the hall and ask Rishi about the matter.


Raaj and Beeji defend Tanuja and says that she is not that type of girl.Rishi keeps on dragging Tanuja out and says that she is a cunning fox. Tanuja then sees Beeji falling unconscious and goes to hold her. Then Raj comes in front of Rishi and says that I will take the guarantee of this girl. He says that she is not of that type. He then says Rishi to let her here with Beeji. Rishi gets fumes and leaves.

Next morning Beeji goes to Rishi and says that she can see Tannu in Tanuja.  Rishi calls her words nonsense and leaves from there. He then sees Tanuja decorating the house and gets close to her. They both share eye lock and everyone looks at them. Ahana looks and felt tensed. They all then goes to get the idol. Rishi sees Sandy on the way and tries to catch him. Rishi says that what did Sandy is doing here. They all then went back and Tanuja helps him to hold the idol. They share the eye lock again and Beeji and Raj look at them. Beeji then tells Ahana that she sees Tannu in Tanuja. Ahana says that the girl is just acting and I will not let her stay here with us.

Tanuja thinks about Rishi and says to herself that why is she feeling something when Rishi is around her. She tries to look for something in Rishi’s room but then walks out.

In today’s episode, we are going to see Sandy comes to Tanuja and says that he had killed Rishi’s love and is paying for his mistake now. Tanuja hugs Sandy and Rishi peeps at them. He gets shocked seeing them both together. Now it will be interesting to see that will Rishi starts hating Tanuja as Sandy. Stay tuned with us for more updates and gossips of Kasam like this.

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