Colors Serial Devanshi 7th October 2016 Written Episode Updates: Devanshi Is Grown Up


In the last episode of Devanshi, we had seen that Omi come to Sarla and says that we have to thank this girl that she had brought happiness for us. Sarla fumes at this and says that she have to throw this girl for the better future of our baby. Omi asks her to understand but Sarla says that she only understand the logic and will take this girl out. Omi gets tensed by Sarla’s words and ask her to understand the things once again.

DevanshiOn the other side, Devanshi’s parents are with a lawyer and request him to fight the case for their daughter. The lawyer neglects and says that it is risky for me to take the case against Kusum trust. Devanshi’s parents request him and he leaves saying that he can’t do anything. Then Devanshi’s father gets a call and Sarla makes them hear Devanshi’s voice. She then tells them to come and take their daughter. They both then gets happy and chants Mata rani.

Sarju is in the police station and asks his subinspector about the case. The inspector tells him that a car number is get known. Sarju gets shocked and says that it is Kusum’s car number and says that I have to go Mohan’s house and should search the truth there. Devanshi’s parents are on the way and tell the driver to move faster. Then there was an announcement in the village about a tiger and people starts running. Sarla asks Omi to go and put Devanshi on a table outside the house.

Sarju goes to Mohan’s house and gets shocked to see ladies cloth and number plate there. He says that it means Mohan is Mohini. In the village, tiger comes and move towards Omi’s house. The people there shouts and calls Omi. Omi gets shocked to get known. Devanshi parents runs to save Devanshi but the tiger sleeps there near Devanshi. People starts chanting it as a miracle and says that the girl is a goddess. Sarla and Omi come there and Sarla gets happy to see the money. She then asks Omi that she will not give this girl to anyone now. Devanshi’s parents leave from there to see the crowd.

In today’s episode, we are going to see that Gayatri come to meet Kusum and gets shocked to see Kusum stabbing Sarju. She then says that she will kill my daughter too. Devanshi shows to be grown up. Stay tuned with us for more updates and gossips of Devanshi like this.

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