Colors Tv Kavach 19th June 2016: Manjulika Enters In Pari During Marriage


Kavach is a new TV Daily Soap of Colors TV which go on air in place of Naagin. As Naagin was completed and is all set for its 2nd season in October thus the new show which is titled as Kavach will go live. The show is moving with a good telecast everyday.

Last day telecast of Kavach showcased that Rajbeer and Pari danced romantically. Everyone enjoyed their dance. Manjulika hypnotized Rajbeer with the help of black magic mantras. Then Rajbeer left Pari and danced sensuously. All the family members were thinking that who is this girl ? And why she is dancing with Rajbeer. All the youngsters commented for the girl that she is very hot and sensual. Pari asked Rajbeer what she was doing.

Pari was showing her hand heena to everyone and Manjulika was jealous of it. She did the black magic and waiter dropped soft drink on her dress. Pari moved to wash it and he hairs got wet. She took the hair dryer and again Manjulika did black magic and drops the hair dryer in bath tub. Manjulika did black magic and turned Pari to fall in that tub get caught by electric shock but at correct time Saroj came there and holds Pari and save dher.

Tonight in Kavach we will see that Pari will say with white there is black. When Pari and Rajbeer will sit in Mandap for marriage. Manjulika will come and enter in Pari’s body. She will say that only I will enjoy life with Rajbeer and no one else.

She will remain in Pari untill the rituals hget completed. Let’s see what will happen next in Kavach till then keep watching the show and keep reading its regular news, updates, gossips and spoilers here with us on The News Recorder.

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