Colors TV Kawach 16th October 2016 Online Written Updates Episode 37


In the last episode of Kawach, we had seen that Rajbeer goes to Ritu to save her. Ritu tries to make him emotional blackmail. She says to him that she wants to live the last moments with him. Pari comes there and threatens Ritu. She warns Ritu that if she will come to her husband else she will kill her. Rajbeer manages Pari and takes her along.

Pari takes Rajbeer and says that she wants to make him understand. She tells everything to Rajbeer and says him to go with her to the temple. Rajbeer gets agree and they both go to the hanuman temple. Pari then calls pandit Ji and tells him that they are in the temple. She says that she will stay in the temple till he will not complete the rituals.


Pandit Ji starts the rituals and Pari waits for his call. Rajbeer gets Chacha Ji’s call and Pari asks him to not pick up the call. Rajbeer switches off his phone and says that may this all happen soon. Saudamini goes to Pandit Ji and threatens him. Pandit Ji runs on the road and then Saudamini kill him. She laughs and then goes. Rajbeer gets angry and says that I am going now.

They go to the house and gets shocked to see Ritu faints. Rajbeer and Pari ask that what happen and Ritu’s brother scolds Pari and says that he will not leave her if anything happens to Ritu. Then they take Ritu to the hospital and Pari gets shocked. Then Saudamini comes and Pari and says to Rajbeer that he have to go to the hospital and to run his car at full speed.

Pari tries to stop him but Dadi comes and slaps Pari. Police arrest Pari and take her. Dadi gets to apologize to Pari and says that Saudamini had threatened me and I have to do this. Next morning Rajbeer doesn’t remember anything and thinks that what this all happening.

In the jail, Saudamini comes to Pari and warns her. In today’s episode, we are going to see that Rajbeer and Pari think that how can we get out of this problems. Stay tuned with us for more updates and gossips of Kawach like this.

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