Colors TV Naagin Season 2 16th October 2016 Episode Written Updates: Shivangi Is In Life Threat

Naagin Season 2

In the last episode of Naagin, we had seen that Rocky tells Yamini that he can’t marry that girl and he leaves. Yamini looks on and Ruchika comes to her. She says to Yamini that she have to get Rocky and she will kill that girl who is dispatching her from Rocky. Yamini makes her understand and then says that we have to find Shivanya first. Ruchika leaves.

Rocky goes to meet Shivangi in the bakery and confesses his love for her. He says that I want to tell you that how much I love you. Shivangi says that she didn’t love her. She shouts on Rocky and asks him to go. Rocky gets sad and Shivangi cries. Shivangi’s sister says that she had done wrong. She has to marry a boy whom she loves.


Shivanya is with Guruji and Guruji says that Shivangi’s destiny will take her where she has to go. She asks Shivanya¬†to pray for Shivangi now. Then Ruchika comes to the temple and goes to a nag-again.¬†She kills them both and goes to find Shivanya. She then gets to know that Shivanya is dead and come back to Yamini.

In the fighting area, Rocky come to talk to Shivangi. He then challenges Adi for the fight and gets the win. He talks to Shivangi and they both hug each other. Then Shivanya comes there and Shivangi confesses that she love that boy. Shivanya says that she will fulfill her love dream and ask her to go. Just then Yamini comes to Rocky and Rocky ask her to go to the temple.

In the temple, Yamini tells a man to shoot Shivangi. Shivangi gives aarti to Yamini and Yamini gets shocked to see her. Shivanya was unable to see Yamini. In today’s episode, we are going to see that the shooter shoot at Shivangi and Rocky takes her to the hospital. They then get shocked when Doctor says that he is unable to save Shivangi. Stay tuned with us for more updates and gossips of Naagin like this.

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