Colors TV Swaragini 15th September 2016 Online Episode Updates: Lakshya Shouts On Sanskar


In the last episode of Swaragini, we saw that Ragini and Swara came along with human rights people. Parineeta tried to stop Ragini but Ragini pushed her back and moved towards Durga Prasad. Ragini moved to Durga Prasad and asked her did he wants to go out of here ? Durga Prasad said I want to go out of here. Adarsh started pretending that he loves his father. Parineeta joined him and said we won’t let you go anywhere.

Adarsh said he is alive just because of me. Swara said this is your confusion as you are alive just because of Durga Prasad. Swara asked Adarsh and Parineeta that now you will pay for your each and every bad thing done with Durga Prasad. Parineeta started acting like innocent and asked Swara and Ragini to stop interfering in their life.


Adarsh said I will call the police then women said now let’s call the police. Human rights women said we will come tomorrow along with police and will make Durga Prasad free from here. In night time we saw that Sanskar was thinking was his job. Adarsh scolded Durga Prasad and said I won’t let this night be completed so that no one will go anywhere.

Adarsh called someone and said burn the whole Badi and make the two sisters Swara and Ragini burned in the fire. Adarsh showed them a video in which someone was planting a bomb in Baadi. Annapurna requested them not to do anything. Adarsh asked Durga Prasad to sign an agreement written that he is here with his own wish. Durga Prasad signed the papers with teary eyes.

Now in today’s episode of Swaragini, we will see that Sanskar will ask Lakshya that is he doing anything wrong ? Lakshya will come in anger and will say that yes I am doing wrong work and will do anything to make my mum and dad free from Adarsh. Lakshya will say that I can even do a murder to save my mum and dad. Stay tuned for more like this.

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