Comedy Nights Bachao 30th July 2016: Today’s Special Episode

Comedy Nights Bachao

The show comedy nights bachao is one of the most amazing and fantastic show which is currently going on, on the Indian television. The show features some of the most talented and best comedians of the Indian origin, Krishna, Bharti and many more. The show airs on every Saturday on the Colors television channel, at 10:00 pm. Show is going on very amazingly and is having the setup of calling a superstar of any field or any type on the show and make them laugh until they say (Bachao) and hen they leave them. They can go to any level to make them and the audience.

Comedy Nights Bachao

The show every-time brings new and more and more talented person on the show and make them laugh until they gets collapsed on the show laughing. The show which is having lots of success and with the most high TRP and viewers currently on the Television. The show also features lots of comedy scenes and amazing moments in it everytime it airs on the channel. The team of many person on the show makes it worth watching.

The show has counted so many superstars and so many popular personalities of the the Indian origin. This week will going to count some of the most amazing performances of Krishna, show is going on well and count so many superstars and famous personalities everytime to make the stars more glitter on the show of comedy nights bachao, show airs on every saturday at 10:00 pm and with the most amazing performances is being challenged directly by another superstar for his standup comedy The Kapil sharma show which features Kapil sharma, a very renown actor, singer and full time comedian, with his extra ordinary talent to change even the non comedy things to comedy is the main backbone of his show , on which the show can be proud of. The both shows are getting so mcuh love from the audience and is walking on the same ladder of success.

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