Conflicts Again Starts Between Rishi & Tanuja! Kasam 28 September 2016 Written Episode Updates


In the going episode of Kasam, we are watching, everyone curses Tanuja as they think that she had betrayed to their feelings. Rishi scolds Tannu badly and made her out of the house. Neha and Bani also curse her and threw her out. Now Tanuja had no one with her and cries badly.

In the last episode we had seen Manpreet and Nakul go to Rishi and says that I want to see are you really happy. Rishi agrees to do anything and they take him to the club. On the other side, Tanuja is sitting on the road and cries badly. She thinks about Rishi and then gets tensed seeing some boys there. The boys tease Tanuja and try to come close to her. Tanuja gets more shocked and shouts. Then the temple lady come there and throws a stone at them. She shouts to leave the girl. The boys then run away hearing the police cab’s siren. The temple lady then consoles Tanuja and takes her along.

kasam-tere-pyaar-kiIn the club, the boy enjoys a lot. They then come back to the home where Rano is happy and says to Rishi that Malaika is coming here. She then says to Rishi that you must greet her well. Rishi felt angry and says that I don’t want to get close to anybody.

Later on,  Tanuja comes to the temple with the lady and says that God had punished me don’t know what. The temple lady tells her everything and made her recall the accident.

Tanuja thinks about her words and recalls some moments. The lady then tells her that in her destiny she is linked with Rishi and is be with him to save his life. Tanuja thinks on and recalls the moments.

In today’s episode, we are going to see Tanuja prays for Rishi and says that he deserves much better. Rano intentionally calls Rishi and ask him to pick Malaika. Rishi agrees and looks on. Now it will be interesting to see that did Rishi fulfills Rano’s wish and what did Tanuja do now. Stay tuned with us for more updates and gossips of Kasam like this.

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