Congress Targets Navjot Singh Sidhu And Said He Ran Away From Punjab Election 2017


Punjab politics is complete warm due to elections 2017 and thousands of statements are coming from different political parties point each other at negative or loose turns.

One example is here in which Akali Dal and Congress Party is pointing Navjot Singh Sidhu as a target by saying he ran away from Punjab Elections 2017. Punjab Election 2017 is on high buzz and with the statement of Navjot Singh Sidhu that he is not making any party to contest the Assembly Polls made it much more highlighted.


As Sidhu declared that he is not making any party to compete in Punjab Elections 2017 other parties took benefit of this and used his decision to make him feel defeated before the action in elections. Chief Minister Parkash Singh Badal said “Navjot Singh Sidhu came to know the worth of a party now. He said a party is like a mother, to ditch her is like ditching a mother”. Parkash Singh also added that “Sindhu knows very well that people are not going to support a man who backstabbed his mother party”.

“He ran away from the contest by deciding against floating any political party. Sindhu is changing his stands frequently and we hope that he will move with a single party soon.” added by chief minister Parkash Singh.

Deputy Chief Minister also gave his words on this “Let them do whatever they want, they can make a party or can go against any party but this all will not go to affect us.” Punjab Congress Chief Amarinder Singh asked, “Why he came for, just to see our faces and he is not even having the guts to fight the election”. He also added that “They (Sidhu’s outfit) came to know that they will get the dust only and thus they ran away from the contest”.

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