Controversial Thriller Movie “Shorgul” 3rd Day {1st Weekend} Full Box Office Collections

Shorgul movie

A movie which is very much based on a love story which has to face so many problems but that’s what makes it daring to showcase the true events which are happening inside India and its culture. The film Shorgul is based on the innocent friendship between a Hindu boy Raghu and a Muslim girl Zainab and suddenly their story rapidly escalates into a political jungle-fire, causing unrest and chaos in the whole state.

It might not be a great deal for the state of our nation that a film like this runs into trouble because it is set in a town that witnesses communal honor killings, and which dares to create characters with a resemblance to real-life ones.

Shorgul movie

Before the released, it started up a new interest because, it is centered on the communal riots that broke out in Uttar Pradesh’s Muzaffarnagar in 2013 which was one of the worst incident of violence in the whole India. Some political parties and individuals were unhappy as the movie makes indirect yet obvious references to names that made headlines during that incident time.

The star-cast of the movie like Jimmy Shergill who is starring in this socio-political drama as Ranjit Om, an ambitious MLA who tries to wield the political volatility of the state to his benefit. Ashutosh Rana, as Chaudhary, is a Western UP strongman who doesn’t support his ideology. The two are at strictly against each other, but things take a wild turn when Chaudhary’s son Raghu (Anirudh Dave) falls for Zainab (Suha Gezen).

The narrative allows three parallel story arcs to unfold. If Jimmy and Rana are parts of the first, Narendra Jha as the renown person (Alam Khan) and Sanjay Suri as (CM Mithilesh) form the second. Dave, Suha and Hiten Tejwani (Saleem).

Many of the scenes from Godhra and cow references have been muted in Shorgul by CBFC. Shorgul got U/A certificate from the censor Board. A PIL was filed by a VHP Leader in Allahabad High Court bench in Lucknow demanding to ban the release the film as many characters in the film are inspired from real politicians.

The movie hasn’t done a very amazing collection on box-office but  quite enough to take out making resources The first weekend collection of the movie is around 1.44 crore. The movie will look forward to make more of collection on box offices. But the most affection reason for the movie is when CBFC snipped the words Godhra and Gau Ganga from the film and High Court rejected that PIL.

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