Culprit Behind Several Bombings In The U.S, Ahmad Khan Rahami Arrested After Shootout


Ahmad Khan Rahami, culprit behind the bombings in New Jersey and Saturday night bombings in Manhattan has been taken into custody today. After being wounded in his encounter with police this morning, when he got shot in gunfire than the police officers were able to take him into their custody.

While it was raining heavily on the streets of New Jersey, this episode took place after the police officials alerted everyone through a mobile warning in that area of a suspect being armed and dangerous. Pictures clicked by certain pedestrians and reportes shows a police officer standing over Rahami, while he was just lying there with his hands cuffed behind his back and his shirt was torn off. The police than called for an ambulance in order to get Rahami’s bullet wound checked and to make sure that any of his organs were not damaged.ahmad-khan-rahami
In struggle to arrest Rahami, who was identified due to surveillance video that clearly shows him planting bombs in Chelsea, a police officer also got shot. But the officer that shot said that it was worth it, he is even willing to die in order to protect his country from men like Rahami.

Rahami lived in New Jersey himself but was from Afghan descent and hence was considered as a naturalised citizen. Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo, who said on Sunday that the attack did not appear to have a link to international terrorism, said new evidence might change that thinking.

arrested-ahmad-khan-rahimi“I would not be surprised if we did have a foreign connection to the act,” he said on CNN on Monday morning.

An officer who spoke freely with the media said that the police authorities have concrete evidence that can not only link Rahami to Manhattan bombings but also to the one that took place in Jersey Shore.

A lot of police force was seen to be zeroing on his location at that time but he was never meant to go down so easily and when officers found the right chance to capture him, they struck and concoured. This makes us happy that one culprit who made so many people his victims is behind bars. This is it for now, stay tuned for more interesting articles and news.

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