Cyber Monday Deals On Gaming Consoles: Discounts & Bundles on PS4, Playstation, Xbox

Retailers are going all out with deals this Cyber Monday.  Some of the best gaming consoles can be found with the Cyber Monday Playstation deals and Xbox deals to name a new.  Big box retailers like Best Buy, Target, Walmart as well as Amazon are offering deals or bundles that make your gift giving easier this year.

Amazon Cyber Monday Deals on Gaming Consoles

You can grab PlayStation 4 (500GB) with the brand new Star War Battlefront game included at just $349 and enjoy free shipping service from Amazon. The Playstation alone normally costs $349.99.

Amazon is also offering the PlayStation Vita (Wi-Fi) for just $170.99 this Cyber Monday. That deals saves you $29 on the normal list price of the gaming console.

Walmart Cyber Monday Deals on Gaming Consoles

Walmart is offering special prices on some gaming gear and you can take advantage of the opportunity to save a few dollars on your purchase of gaming consoles this Cyber Monday. You can grab Xbox One (1TB) with Halo 5: Guardians included in it for just $449 instead of the standard price of $499.

Another of the top deals from Walmart Cyber Monday deals is the dreamGEAR Handheld Portable gaming system at a $25.17 discount  so that you sidestep the regular price of $71.73 and own it for just $46.56.

Target Cyber Monday Deals on Gaming Consoles

Target has entered the Cyber Monday gaming deals fray with their offer to own Xbox One (1TB) console at discount. Furthermore, the deal gives Halo: The Master Chief collection as part of the bargain. Own the enriched Xbox One console with Halo at just $349.99 and save $50 on the regular list price.

Another Target deal  is the new (Black) Nintendo 3DS XL. Instead of the standard $179.99, you can own the device for just $199.99 from Target and save $20 in the process.

The retailer is also offering gamers the opportunity to own Xbox One Kinect with holiday bundles that include Zoo Tycoon, Kinect Sports Rivals and Dance Central Spotlight for at a $150 discount. That simply means that instead of $499.99, you only pay $349.99 to own the console. Target is also offering Cyber Monday shoppers an opportunity to select a video game of their choice with the purchase of the Xbox One as a free gift.

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