Dadi Meets Original Dadi! Suhani Si Ek Ladki 15th August 2016 Star-Plus Latest Episode Updates

Suhani-Si-Ek-Ladki 15th Aug

The show starts and we see Golu cries with anger that Yuvani and Krishna didn’t takr him along and Bhavna tries to make him understand and Sharad gives him burger and promises to give cake later and Golu goes. Then Bhavna says that she wont forgive Saumya as she did wrong mixing something in pizza and says that she wants peace in this house.

Then Sharad asks her not to overthink and leave everyone on their state, Dadi hears them and goes. There Suhaani asks Sambhav to sleep in her room and she will sleep with Yuvaan, he gets angry listening this. Dadi opens the clock in anger and sees the pic of Birla family imnside it and says that on whose pic this wheel will stop, I will ruin that person. And the wheel stops on Bhavna’s pic and she says that she will ruin her and then how will peace be here. In the next morning Pratima asks rags and Menka about the whole drama and rags says that they didn’t do anything, sharad stops bhavna from saying and Saurabh shows the video of rags and Menka but rags denies that she is not the lady in video.

Suhani-Si-Ek-Ladki 15th Aug

Pratima says that its enough and it should not be happen again and Dadi orders them to not to go parlour for a month and asks Saumya to take all jewelery of theirs and menka faints. Rags and Menka asks for forgiveness to dadi as Saumya did this but dadi goes in her room as she receives a parcel and sees some wires in a box in that parcel and smiles. There Sambhav acts and asks for help from Suhaani in removing his t-shirt and thinks that no one can save her now.

Suhaani goes to help and says that he will get problem in bathing too, so she calls Pankaj to help him and he gets angry. There dadi goes in kitchen and replace the steel box and thinks that who will save Bhavna. Yuvraaj calls Suhaani and asks about Yuvaan and she thinks that he is asking about Sambhav and she tells him about Sambhav then he says that why he will ask about Sambhav. and tells her that yuvaan was sad but she don’t know coz she is busy with sambhav and she ends the call saying she is busy.

There dadi throws the other steel box in bin, and kids plays teasing with each other at Birla house and Krishna sees the box. She says that they throw junk anywhere, Yuvaani says it has caution sign and Golu advise them to ask Suhaani about it, they call Suhaani and she says that its caution sign keep away from that and leave it. Jst then Yuvaan shows her the news of someone selling mini bomb and she thinks that something is fishy as kids were also telling about any box found in Birla house. Dadi throws salt in sink and flush it, then bhavna comes for cooking and Dadi asks her to make khichdia nd to add salt in it and Bhavna sees salt box is empty. Dadsi tells that salt is at dining table and goes smiling.

Suhaani coms to Birla house and takes help of Yuvraaj toi know about that box and its company then they don’t find any company written on the box. She goes to Bhavna and Dadi thinks that’s its good if Suhaani also gets hurt and smiles. Suhaani asks Bhavna about courier and she says that she don’t know about it. Golu takes salt sprinkler and Dadi stops him and gives it to Bhavna.
we will see Dadi goes to meet original Dadi and says that she feels pity on her and laughs.

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