Dance Plus 2 10th September 2016 Episode Online Updates: Watch All Dance Performances Video

Dance Plus 2

In the last episode of Dance Plus 2, we saw that the left 4 artists will go to perform. The very first performance is of Urban Singh Crew from team Puneet and they are all set to rock the stage with firstly their outstanding entry on the stage and then with their performance. Their concept for the dance performance is very unique and it is really loved by the judges and the audience. Urban Singh Crew got amazing comments and praises from the judges and their dedication has to lead their team captain to bring something very special for them.

Dance Plus 2

Puneet thank Remo D’Souza and literally, he gets emotional while thanking him for the help which he has given him and all the support which is needed for him to pursue his dreams in Dance. The next performance is of Tanay Maehara and he has given an amazing and outstanding performance while using a very book as his prop and that looks and also very tough t perform at the same time, his exceptional body skills and outstanding acts which he does with his body is worth appraisal and also very amazing. A very amazing praise and comments were really astonishing.

The next performance is of Sushant Khatri who has given a very amazing and emotional yet heart touching performance which really gives goosebumps to everyone. In his praise, the judges surprise him with a video message which is being sent to him by his parents. The last performance is of Ele Angels and they too give an outstanding and amazing performance which shows their might in every single stunt or step they dine in their performance. They perform much better than those guys who are many elders than them, and at this little age, they have done yet another amazing performance, getting amazing and lovely comments from ten judges.

All the contestants got the plus and double plus which will definitely go to make the competition much more dangerous and with the increasing level of competition is marking towards a very amazing and awaited final. At the very end everyone comes on the stage and celebrate the happiness of unity and affection between all the contestants and this week will going to mark the very first finalist of this season. now everyone is waiting for the votes which are being given by the audience and viewers.

The very first finalist is The Wild Rippers, and the second one is Tanay Malhara.

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