Dance Plus 2 20th August 2016 Episode Online: Only One Slot Left For Top 6 Contestants

Dance Plus 2

The last episode of Dance Plus 2 was again let the dance lovers getting goosebumps. The show is gets decorated by some amazing performances by the contestants. We had  featured the leading star cast of the movie Mohenjo Daro at the last episode of Dance Plus 2. The great actor and dancer of Bollywood industry Mr. Hrithik Roshan come with the beautiful lady and her heroine in movie Pooja Hegde. The show gives a huge welcome to them. Hrithik Roshan gets stunned to see some amazing performances by the contestants. He says that I can’t believe my eyes. He appreciates all the contestants.

Dance Plus 2

All the three judges are well-talented dancers and get fame for their amazing performances too. On the last episode, we had seen the one get selected for the top 6. Hrithik gets shocked seeing the performances and the contestants get appreciation from all the judges. The level of the show going high day by day by the amazing performances. The last episode starts with wild ripers performance. Remo says them that their performance was the most amazing performance of the show. Remo heads off towards Dharmesh and they get a double plus. Next Puneet gives them a challenge to the bandits and they perform amazingly.

Hrithik gives heads off to Shakti Mohan and appreciates the act well. They then requested to Hrithik to ride the bike and then click a picture with him. They get 20+.  We had also seen Arban Singh Crew in a Punjabi style act. They made Hrithik and Pooja dance with them. They also get a double plus for their performance. Then we had also seen Mokshita leaving due to her disease and captain Remo gives her place to Faizan Malik who is the contestants of part 1. He acted well and made Dharmesh dance too. The show was full of suspense and fun. All the performances are great and at the top.

In today’s episode, we are also going to see many great performances between Raghav’s Masti. Stay tuned for more updates of Dance Plus 2.

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