Dance Plus 2 3rd September 2016 Episode Live Online Update: The First Finalist announced!

dance plus 2 3 september 2016

Dance Plus 2 is a Dance reality show on Star Plus  by Remo D’souza. Dance plus 2 is back with yet another episode and so are we. So let’s not waste time and let’s come to the point.

dance plus 2 3 september 2016

Now we already have top 8 contestants and these top 8 contestants will fight to become the finalist and ultimately win the Dance Plus 2 trophy. The selection of the finalist will not be done by the Judges or Super Judge but by the Audience. And Last week was the selection of the first finalist. So let’s not waste your time and come directly to the point.

Last week’s episode started with a special guest on the show, Sonakshi Sinha who was there to promote her upcoming movie Akira.

The first one to perform from top 8 was EleAngels performing Hawking and Crumping style. Although their performance was full of energy and power but there was still room for improvement as this is the fight for being a finalist. But on the other side, they are just kids who are giving tough competition to all the grown-up dance artists on the show. They even got the compliments from the judges and Super judges.

The next one to come was Ming-Ma from team Punit. Ming-Ma who is in the show to fulfil her mother’s dreams. Ming-Ma performed what he do best, which is Semiclassical. Ming-Ma very beautifully used small props in his performance to make it more rhythmic. It was clear from the Ming-Ma’s face that he love what he do. Ming-Ma also prepared a surprise for Sonakshi by dressing up like a cop (ChulBul Ming-Ma).

The next performance was of Wild Rippers from Team Dharmesh. Wild Rippers performed their usual Hip-Hop and B-Boing. Thier this performance was little comical with the use of props. Props for creating their own sound while dancing. Animations were smooth with energy like a thunderbolt. Summersault, b-boing, formations and stunts everything was there. This made them earn an extra plus from Super Judge. And clearly, they deserve because Wild Rippers are the only dance artist who has maintained its standard and never missed to amaze the audience. They got a gift hamper from Captain Punit. Even Sonakshi Sinha gave them a Double Plus. For those who don’t know but this is the fourth time in the row that Wild Ripper has a got Double Plus.

Next one to perform was B.A.N.D.I.T.S from Team Shakti. B.A.N.D.I.T.S. used gym equipment as their prop for the performance. As usual, like always their performance was full of mind-blowing clean animations and this time a perfect slow motion as a climax. B.A.N.D.I.T.S. even got a double plus from Super Judge Remo.

In between these act, there was also a singing performance by Sonakshi Sinha in which she sang a song from her upcoming movie Akira. The same movie for which promotion she is here on the set of  Dance Plus 2.

The Remaining 4 performance was aired on Sunday’s episode.

The First performance on the Sunday’s episode was of Tanay Malhara from Team Dharmesh. This 14-year-old kid from Jalgaon, Maharastra performs the Contemporary dance which can even make a professional amaze. Tanay’s performance was full of clean stunts and awesome flips. Tanay’s looked like he himself is water. For his hard work and epic performance Tanay got the Double plus from Super Judge. And obviously got many compliments from other judges.

Next one to perform was Piyush Bhagat from Team Shakti. Piyush Bhagat with his unique dance style, Ghetto, performed with a bedroom as his prop for the performance. The concept was unique for which Shakti used very much man power. Piyush mother and aunt was also there to encourage him on the show.

Moving on the next performance, Urban Singh Crew from Team Punit was on the stage to perform its Hip-Hop and Bhangra Fusion style. The starting of the performance was slow but soon it catches the pace and within a minute everyone was dancing like butter. And like always they made everyone groove their legs with them. Sonakshi loved their performance so much that she gave them a Plus herself.

From Team Shakti came Sushant Khatri from Kathmandu, Nepal. Sushant is famous for his unique dance style, Lyrical feel. Sushant used as a prop for his dance performance and dedicated his performance to the soldiers who lost their life protecting the country. This tribute act was something extraordinary as Sushant was not only dancing with his hands and legs. Sushant was dancing with everything he got, his fingers, his face, his back, everything. For this uniqueness, Sushant got a double plus from Remo. This Double plus was a sure thing to come as the performance was so lucid.

In today’s episode, we will see what the audience will decide and who is going to be the first finalist. The competition is tough and it’s hard to predict what will happen. And as we talk abut the guest of the night then Nakuul Mehta, Leenesh Mattoo, Kunal Jaisingh from Ishqbaaaz coming to the Dance Plus 2.

Dance plus 2 air on Star Plus every Saturday and Sunday on 8pm. So stay tune with us for more and don’t forget to bookmark us. And if you have any question please feel free to use the comment section below.

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