Dance Plus 2 6th August 2016 Online Saturday Episode: Urban Singh Crew Performance Tribute To Saragrahi Sardaars

Dance Plus 2

The most amazing and and entertaining show, which is having its bestest time and is having so many fantastic performances in every episode is back. Toady’s first performance is Team Famous crew, with their outstanding skills and awesome co-ordination they are the one of the best group in the whole DP2. This time the theme is quite emotional, but their performance is just on another level, and with their amazing theme and form of dance they have given their best performances while giving tribute to Mahatma Gandhi.

Dance Plus 2

The judges too feel the emotions in their performances and give their best comments on their performance, they got full 25 which is the highest at that time. Team Shakti is at the top with 40+ and both Dharmesh and Puneet is with 39. The Puneet team got the first chance and the team is Wild Rippers, their concept of dance is just unbelievable and their performance too, they have given an amazing and flawless performances.  All the judges and the audience give them a standing ovation and with lovely praises, their hard-work pays out and extremely. After getting double plus and having 25+ on their side is quite happy.

The second group is of The Famous Crew has done a very amazing performances and for this they have taken inspiration from different groups, with their out-standing and hillarious act they won the hearts of the judges. Nathon Johns who has played the negative role in the movie The Flying Jatt movie do some fun with Raghav and it’s just hillarious and above the level of comedy. The next group is X1X group which is known for their extreme performance skills at an out-standing level and from un-believable heights, every performer in their group is just fantastic and amazing to their level, they got an outstanding 25+.

Team Dharmesh is at the top with the highest score and after that shakti is at second and Puneet is at third performance. The final show down is between Team Shakti and Team Shakti, Your highness and Piyush Bhagat will going to have the performance, the one of the most amazing and out-standing performance between these two has taken more than just a dance. Their dance is just what is said to be of the next level. This face-off is won by Piyush Bhagat and with his purely dance based show in the dance off is just amazing. Sushant Khatri has won his place in the next challange.

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