Tanay Malhara Emerged As Winner of Dance Plus 2 (Dance+ Season 2) 25th September 2016 Full Coverage


One of the biggest dancing competition show on the Indian Tv channel is back with another amazing show which will surely be going to chills and all the thrills with four of the most amazing contestants which are Piyush Bhagat, The Wild Rippers, Sushant Khatri and Tanay Malhara.

So everyone is waiting very eagerly for the Amazing trophy and the huge prize from some of the finest choreographers and dance icons and The Dancing legend of India Remo D’Souza. The show starts with Piyush Bhagat from Team Shakti’s Performance, he tells all his story and his fame which he has got now after becoming the contestant of Dance Plus 2.

Did you guess the surprise #RanbirKapoor brought to #DancePlus2Finale tonight? Welcome #SakshiMalik

He was welcomed very amazingly and lovely in his birthplace, he gives another amazing performance which showcases his talent very perfectional, while getting outstanding comments and praises from the judges.

It’s begun – the #DancePlus2Finale – Dance ka naya sensation. Who will win this prestigious trophy?


Here’s a glimpse of the #DancePlus2Finale first performance. Are you catching it live on STAR Plus?

dance-plus-2-tanay-25th-septemberThe next performance was of Wild Rippers and while showing their whole story they shock every single audience of India, their happiness and fame can be understood very easily and they have proved it, their another amazing performance again proves them that their excellence can be seen very easily through their act and all the stunts which they have done very easily and without effortlessly, perfect timing, excellent stunts and outstanding coordination is their core benchmark in their performance.

Liked the #DancePlus2Finale family’s tribute to the Kapoors? Tweet to us what you thought of it. #RanbirKapoor


Let’s give a big shout out to @TheRaghav_Juyal – for there would be no #DancePlus2Finale without him!

dance-plus-2-25th-september-raghav-juyalTheir family has come on the show to give them their most awaiting love and affection which they never got since they have left their family to come to Mumbai. They got the double plus again and this also adds up to their everytime record of pluses on the stage. The humor and comedy by Raghav Juyal on the stage is another amazing one like every time.


The next performance is of Sushant Khatri as before his performance they showed up all the efforts and the happiness which comes back on when he returns to his home and he too is welcomed very heartily in his home state and birthplace. He has given another amazing and exceptional performance ith his very special and own created style or form of dance in the show, and getting lovely comments from Judges.

Here’s the grand opening act of #DancePlus2Finale. Tell us who were your favourite dancing stars.

dance-plus-2-25th-september-banditsThe very biggest and most amazing showdown between the two contestants Piyush Bhagat and Sushant Khatri. On this performance, Remo has become the one of the best and most outstanding performers on the show.

The show has also counted a very amazing and star of the upcoming one of the very amazing and outstanding biopic movie Dhoni, and the lead star of the movie Sushant Singh Rajput. Tanay Malhara, the fourth contestant of the show when goes to his home town and birth place and get an amazing and hearty welcome and this shows how great his talent is and will going to live a super life.

The next performance is of Tanay and he has done another outstanding performance by showing all the best acts and stunts in his single performance. Sushant has also shown a very great scene from his upcoming movie and that is very impressive, the whole show is waiting now for the grand finale and that will surely go to become a very big and entertaining one for all the audience in the India.

Tanay Malahara won the second season of India’s biggest dance reality show Dance Plus 2. We congratulate him for his glorious achievement.

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