Dayaben Looks At Avni! Naamkaran 27th September 2016 Written Episode

Asha reads Namaz and says I have not asked anything from you and help him. She says Avni has kept so many hopes that Ashish will come. She says I will be happy with what you want. Daya talks to Hetal. She says she killed the leopard and saved lives. Daya says yes she got a certificate too. Hetal says he had to go office. Fathima dances  and door bell rings.  Fathimaa says maybe someone came to take money.  Asha comes there. Fathima asks what happened. Asha says someone had come to meet you. Avni comes. Fathima says she doesn’t know who is she.

Avni starts crying and says sorry. Fathimaa says first slap and then say sorry. Asha says she is guilty. Avni says she promises that she will never break her heart. Fathima says no matter and she hugs her. Avni asks you forgiven me. Fathima says yes. Avni says then help me to complete this house. Fathimaa says om. Daya goes in office and everybody stands up. Days says what is a problem with you.

She says I have three minutes to listen. The man says we never took any commission and we want to take a commission as inflation is on heights. Other companies are giving more commission. Daya says only one minute left and if anybody wants to say something.

Daya says I don’t need time to take a decision. She asks if anybody gave any deposit by joining. She says no. Daya says she never asked for a deposit and now they wants to do business and then its fine. She says I have decided. Daya says she doesn’t want to do business. Everybody gets shocked.

She says she came here with the name of her husband and now she is here. She says I have lost a most precious  thing and now I don’t have any fear to lose. She says whatever will be your decision then tell me. Fathima asks to make money. She says if Avni will cry then I will not leave Ashish. Asha says please trust Allah.  Daya reads the mail of Ashish. She becomes shocked to see that.

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