DC: Legends Of Tomorow: Watch The Exclusive Latest Trailer Of Reverse Flash, Arrow & JSA’s Debut!

The First episode of DC’s legend of tomorrow is out if you haven’t seen it yet then you totally should . Well there was this news that in the next episode Stephen Amell (Arrow) from the Arrow series is going to show up in this episode and there would be a glimpse of JSA too, but a totally out of the script twist was given they featured a surprise character at the end that ties into “The Flash” Flashpoint!.

If the heroes can time travel then why not the villains some new time villain were changing the history, where the heroes were time traveling and correcting the past mistakes , not everyone gets’s the chance to change their past. This villain maybe from the past but ain’t a classic boring villain . A time quake goes off where It’s learned something has caused the history of 1942 to change, strange things happens Albert Einstein gets kidnap and an atomic bomb has been detonated in NYC. In all these Nazis were involved and Damien Darkh also.

dc-legends-jsaBasically, a total mess was made by that villain in the time terminals and that was the start of a new mission for our heroes to save the world from changing its iconic history.

The legends of tomorrow go back in time to fix 1942, don’t forget that these superheroes have their own personal life their’s gonna be consequences of their own.The wave rider is going to be used to shut down the atomic bomb with the sacrifice of RIP hunter , the wait is Arthur Darville off the show.

The suspense breaks at the end of the show, the real identity of Damien Darkh is revealed. The Nazi submarine and says his boss has changed plans; however, the Nazi’s aren’t happy and pull their guns out. After the red streaks of light then the face reveals its the only Eobard Thawne! ‘The reverse Flash’!

He is the only culprit for the changing of the events in the past and present that’s the legends have been fixing since the past six months!. From here this episode connects with the Flash series as Barry Allen allows Eobard Thawne to travel again back in time to kill his mother so that he can fix the Flashpoint Timeline.

Here’s The Exclusive Look:

AS now he knows how to travel back and forth in time he is not stopping on barry’s mother only the plan in his mind is not revealed yet it seems to be something really big . This episode is a little crossover with The “Arrow” and “The Flash” but it seems that this episode is going to be best in action and thriller till the date of CW and DC season premieres for this year !

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