Deadly Typhoon Hits China Kills Dozens & Leaves Hundreds Missing


China, the country hit by the world’s most strongest typhoon this year, the country is now bracing for yet another typhoon. An orange alert has been issued for another typhoon which is about to hit China, while the country is still mourning for the victims of Meranti. Being the world’s strongest typhoon yet for this year Meranti killed 28 people and around 15 others are still missing.
Eastern provinces of the Fujian and Zhejiang province three days earlier, the typhoon also made a lot of landfall in Xiamen City, Fujian on Thursday. A maximum of 17-grade wind was seen bringing destructive rainstorms. The Flood Control Authorities there told us that the typhoon paralysed a lot of cities in the southern province, including cities like Xiamen, Quanzhou and Zhangzhou. China suffered a tragic loss of economy worth $2.6 billion.
More than 900 houses collapsed which can be accounted for till now, no one knows how bad the Meranti typhoon has affected several cities.

typhoon-in-china-2While the country has not yet fully recovered from the loss caused by Meranti, forecasting authorities all over China has issued an orange alert today itself in regard with waves and storms as by the hour typhoon ‘Malakas’ is moving closer to the east coast of China.

deadly-typhoon The sixteenth typhoon to hit this year is considered to be more dangerous than the previous one, according to the four color tier coded warning system of China.

Malakas is known to have previously raise high waves ranging from about 7 up to 13 meters off the eastern coast of China. It has already reached the nearby islands of Diaoyu and is expected to hit the coast soon.

Some 5 meters high waves are also being predicted at the recently hit Fujian province. This is it for now, stay tuned for more news and interesting articles.

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