Devanshi 10th October 2016 Written Episode Updates Today: Devanshi Grows Up


In the last episode of Devanshi, we had seen that Sarla gets greedy by seeing the money and jewellery given by the people. She says to Omi that this girl is a hen which lays golden eggs, to us. Omi calls her mad and says to give Devanshi back to their parents. Devanshi’s parents are listening to them from outside. Sarla neglects and says that I will not give her to anyone now. She then goes to the jewellery shop and Devanshi’s parents gets inside. They take her with them.

DevanshiSarju is in Mohan’s room when he comes back dancing and singing. Mohan gets shocked to see Sarju there. Sarju asks him, to tell the truth, but just then his constable comes and hit him on his head. Mohan smiles at this. Omi comes back and gets shocked. He calls Sarla and says that Devanshi is not here. They both then go to see the baby outside. Devanshi’s parents are looking for a transport and then gets a tempo. They get in it and goes from there.

Mohan is taking Sarju somewhere but then meets Kusum on the way. Sarju gets shocked to see Kusum with Mohan and more stunned when she confesses that she had tried to kill her husband. Sarju asks them to surrender but Kusum stabs him and says that no one can make her lose. Devanshi’s parents see them killing Sarju and try to run away.

Mohan and Kusum catch them and kill them too. They think that Devanshi gets killed but Devanshi is alive and seeing the bangles and shadow of them. The show then takes a leap of 6 years and Devanshi is shown to be grown up. In today’s episode, we are going to see how Devanshi will come in front od Kusum and face her. Stay tuned with us for more updates and gossips of Devanshi like this.

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