Devanshi 14th October 2016 Written Updates Episode Recap: Kusum Stares At Devanshi


In the last episode of Devanshi, we had seen that Sarla and Omi get stunned to see Devanshi getting out of the hundi and gets in the paint of Golden colour. The people there gets know that the coin is fake and starts scolding Kusum. Kusum gets fume at Mohan and tries to manage the crowd. She starts acting and then the crowd apologise to her.

DevanshiThe crowd then says to beat Devanshi but Rajjo defends her and says that she can’t do anything. Kusum looks on at Mohan and then announces to free the girl. Sarla and Omi come in front and greets Kusum. The told her that now they have to daughters and apologise to Kusum from Devanshi’s side. Kusum let them go and her devarĀ gives money to the crowd.

Devanshi is trying to apologise to Sarla and ask her to forgive. Sarla comes to her and says that she had forgiven her now. Kusum is getting fume at Mohan and strangulate him with the stroller. Mohan tries to make her understand and says that it all happen because of that girl. Kusum says that today my all identity will going to be ruined. She gets more angry warns Mohan.

Mohan gets in anger too and says to Kusum that he had also helped her in this all till now and he will not go anywhere. Kusum says to him that it is not that easy and if he takes his identity in front then she will not forgive him at any cost. She gets more fume. Devanshi says that she will go to gift Rajju. In the night Sarla is sitting with Omi and says that Devanshi had started her work and now I will show that Kusum that how I will take revenge.

In today’s episode, we are going to see that Sarla gets aimed to take revenge from Kusum and says to Omi that I will show her place to everyone now. Devanshi goes to gift Rajjo and makes something fall. Kusum gets angry on this and stops Devanshi. Stay tuned with us for more updates and gossips of Devanshi like this.

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