Devanshi 17th October 2016 Written Episode Updates Colors: Devanshi Comes In Temple


In the last episode of Devanshi, we had seen Devanshi and Sakshi having food and says to Sarla that she made good food. Then Omi come there and shows them the school form. Sakshi and Devashi get happy to see the form. Sarla takes the form and burns one form. Omi gets shocked by this and says to Sarla that what is she doing. Sarla gets angry and says that Devanshi will not go to school. Omi thinks on at this and Devanshi says that I will follow momma’s order.

DevanshiOmi taunts Sarla and says that this wrong what you are doing. Sarla says that my motive is to ruin that Kusum’s life. She says that for this Devanshi is the main person. She is my warrior and I don’t want to make any mistake for that way. Omi leaves and Devanshi goes to meet Rajjo. She greets Rajjo well and Rajjo smiles seeing her. She says to Devanshi that today you had stolen my heart.

Some ladies come to Sarla’s house and greets her. Sarla then informs them that she is going to organise a jagran in which a magic is going to happen. Sarla smirks and then her friends leave. A friend come back to Sarla and says that you are lucky that no one knows that one of your daughters is not a real one. Sarla asks her to shut her mouth for the whole life. Sakshi hears this and says to herself that she is the one  who  doesn’t belong to her father and mother.

Devashi comes to her and Sakshi tells her whole. Devanshi then says that we will call Kusum and ask her as she knows everything. They call Kusum and Mohan picks up the call. He scolds Devanshi and Devanshi ask Sakshi not to lose hope. Next morning Omi gets the materials in the house and says to Sarla that she must do all the things by thinking once. Sarla nods and then goes. She then takes Devanshi to the room and shows her new dress. She then shows her red bangles and Devanshi recalls the incident. She gets scared by that.

In today’s episode, we are going to see that Devanshi go to the temple and eats laddoo. She called to be an avatar of Mata and prayed by the people. Stay tuned with us for more updates and gossips of Devanshi like this.

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