Devanshi 4th October 2016 Written Episode Updates Video: Tiger Goes Towards Devanshi

The first episode of Devanshi is really very impressing for the audience and viewers. The show had to get something new for the viewers and by its first episode, it is also getting in the limelight that the show will get the success due to its unique theme. The episode starts with the crowd who are waiting for Maa Kusum Sundari outside the temple. They are chanting for her and Kusum then comes there. She blesses a girl there in the crowd and everyone gets amazed to see her magic.

DevanshiThe crowd again starts chanting for her. There is an assistant of her named Mohini who is with her all the time and is in ghunghat too. A couple them show there who come to take blessing from Kusum as they get a very sweet baby girl.They named their baby as Devanshi. Later on, Kusum is resting in her room and outside the temple, announcer says that she is praying to the lord. Then Mohini comes to her and the servant leave from there. Mohini sits beside her and Kusum peel off his ghughat. Mohini is actually a boy Mohan and they both then get close.

A lady then shows who is in anger with Kusum and says to her husband Omi who is a servant of Kusum that she didn’t work like this. Omi tries to make Sarla understand and says that one day the truth will come in front of all. Then Kusum’s old husband shown who is paralysed. Kusum comes to him and behaves badly with him. She then goes to bless the devotees. The couple also comes to take the blessing and then their baby gets to fall in the money hundi.

They both shouts and Omi says to them that Mata will decide that what did will happen to this baby now. He goes to Kusum and Kusum thinks that I will return this girl then people will come to demand their belongings. She says to the devotees that this girl will keep here in the temple. Devanshi’s parents get shocked at this and cries.

In today’s episode, we are going to see that Devanshi’s mother gets in anger and says that I will not leave that Kusum like this. On the other hand, Kusum gives the baby to Sarla but Sarla threw her away. A lion comes to Devanshi and her mother gets restless. Stay tuned with us for more updates and gossips of Devanshi like this.

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