Devanshi 6th October 2016 Written Episode Updates Video: People Put Money Near Devanshi


In the last episode of Devanshi, we had seen that Sarla come there with Devanshi and Gayatri gets emotional to see her. She says to Sarla to give her daughter back to her. Sarla scolds her and says that because of you Kusum is going to scold me today. Then Gayatri taunts her and says that you had left my daughter outside the house and that’s why Mata Rani didn’t give you any child.

DevanshiSarla gets angry at this and says to Gayatri that now I will not give this baby to anyone. Then Kusum comes there and her devar come there with his wife. They greet her and then Geeta come there who is her younger devrani. Kusum taunts her and she looks on. Then the devotees come there and Sarla also comes there with Devanshi. The crowd chants for Kusum and Gayatri’s husband tells her to control her emotions.

Then after Gayatri says to Kusum that we want nothing from you, we just want our daughter back and we will leave from here then. Kusum says that it is not my order it is mata rani’s order. Then Gayatri starts arguing with her and says that I want her back. Mohan smirks and Kusum says that we will decide it again. Her dupatta gets stuck in ghunghroo and she smiles. Gayetri gets angry at this and starts telling the truth to everyone there.

The crowd gets in anger and Sarju takes Gayatri and her husband out and says that what are you doing. He tells that their life is in danger and asks them to save their life first. Later on, Kusum scolds Sarla and says that I am giving you another chance. Sarla thinks on and asks Kusum to help them financial. Kusum calls her greedy and Sarla leaves with Omi. She comes outside and says to Omi that this girl had brought bad luck to us. She then gets dizzy and a woman tells her that she is pregnant. Omi tells Sarla that this girl brings good luck for us.

In today’s episode, we are going to see that Sarla gets greedy and says that I will use this girl as a money source and she will feed my baby. A tiger come to Devanshi and jumps on her. Stay tuned with us for more updates and gossips like this.

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