Devotees Insanos Presents Raaz Aankhein Teri Song Cover By Jass Dhanjal: Razz Reboot

jass dhanjal

Well, have you guys heard the new song Raaz Aankhein Teri from Raaz Reboot? If you haven’t, you should then. How can a Bollywood music lover ignore an Emraan Hashmi song, sung by Arijit Singh. But that’s not just it, we also have an amazing cover of the song done by Jass Dhanjal, an upcoming artist with a beautiful voice. You guys can go on YouTube and check out the cover done by Her.

jass dhanjal

I won’t say her version is better than that of Arijit Singh, as he is the heart and soul of Bollywood industry nowadays, but her version is also the one to watch out for. If I was the producer of Raaz Reebot and I have to add a female version of the song in the film, I will definitely choose her to do this song for me.
Apart from the vocals of Jass Dhanjal, the music for the song is record, mixed and mastered by Devotees Insanos Studios and the song is also produced by the Same studio. The studio which is famous for supporting young and upcoming artists like Jass Dhanjal have earlier produced several covers of famous Bollywood songs and are a buzz on YouTube as well.

Team Devotees made an even bigger name for themselves when they Directed and produced a 4-minute short film as a tribute to Indian Army called “Vande Matram.” The studio which is proudly a part of Steelbird Entertainment has also made a cover for famous song of Eminem called “Rap God.”

Raaz Aankhein Teri Female Version

Now let’s talk a bit more about the talented singer who have put her blood, sweat and tears even to be at a stage she is right now. She is currently working with Steelbird and also making songs with her sweet voice for everyone’s entertainment.

We should salute the effort she is putting into everything and show her and the studio some support either by subscribing to their channel on YouTube or follow Jass on her Facebook page. The singer who has not even started to become famous yet has shown a lot of raw potentials and had promised to take the Bollywood music industry with a storm.

The New Delhi-based singer can very well be the next Sunidhi Chauhan or even bigger. I urge you all to go on YouTube and look for the Jass Dhanjal cover of the song and watch a video once and I can promise you, it will not be a waste of your time. On the other hand, you might as well look forward to her to do another cover. According to us, it’s her versatility and the charm of her voice that is music to our ears. The song which was originally sung by Arijit Singh and Produced by T-Series was one of the biggest hit of the film Raaz Reboot.

The song which was originally sung by Arijit Singh and Produced by T-Series was one of the biggest hit of the film Raaz Reboot. The writer of the song Rashmi Virag said in an interview that she wrote this song, keeping a mind that a girl will sing it, well guess what, her wish was made come true by the absolutely talented Jaaz Dhanjal. She sang this song with her soul put into it and that is the only thing any listener can ask for in a song. Jass Dhanjal is the one to look out for.

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