Dhoom 4 Star Cast: Shah Rukh Khan As Villain While Ranveer Singh As Tough Cop?

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So here is the most awaited and most surprising news for all the celebs followers. Many of us were curious to know about the star cast of action-thriller sequel of Dhoom i.e. Dhoom 4 so now the star cast seems to be confirmed. It’s the highlight that Salman Khan will not be in Dhoom 4 now and Shah Rukh Khan will come to his place. Shah Rukh Khan is roped as the villain in Dhoom 4 while Ranveer Singh is also giving his ultimate casting as a tough cop in the upcoming sequel of Dhoom.

The curiosity and entertainment scale are kept on increasing as the updates of Dhoom 4 are getting live. It is in highlights that makers were supposed to take Salman Khan in the upcoming sequel but when Salman Khan denied for it with some of his personal reasons then they moved on to Shah Rukh Khan.

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Shah Rukh Khan is ready to cast himself as an antagonist in the movie and he didn’t showcase any reservation regarding this as he is a masterpiece in such roles. Shah Rukh Khan has done many roles as an antagonist and to be very frank he nailed it, people enjoyed him every time. The official announcement for the star cast of the film is still awaited.

Shah Rukh Khan will play a thief just like John Abraham, Hrithik Roshan and Aamir Khan did in previous sequels. On the other hand, Ranveer Singh will play the role of a tough cop just like Abhishek Bachchan as ACP Jay Dixit in last sequels.

dhoom 4 images

It was in rumours that Salman Khan has signed Dhoom 4 and will be seen romancing with Vaani Kapoor but an official announcement is still awaited and as according to IB Times, India Edition it is clear that Salman Khan will not be in Dhoom 4 rather Shah Rukh Khan will play the male lead role along with Ranveer Singh. Recently Shah Rukh Khan had his hit movie named “Fan” while Ranveer Singh last hit was “Bajirao Mastani”.

And it also looks like Shah Rukh Khan will be one of the best choices as he has done such roles with utmost perfection in Don, Don 2, Darr, Baazigar and others. Be in touch with The News Recorder for much more loving updates on entertainment and others.

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