Dil Bole Oberoi 21st April 2017 Written Updates: Kaali threatens Gauri!

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Dil Bole Oberoi 21st April 2017 Written Updates: Kaali threatens Gauri!

In the last episode of Dil Bole Oberoi, we had seen that Gauri drinks the juice and Om get angry on him. He asks the servant to get another juice for him and leaves. Bua maa and Jhanvi goes to Gauri and hugs her. They tell her that she had get passed the test and totally deserves to be Oberoi Mansion’s bahu. Gauri smiles and gets happy. Later Kali Thakur says that Om had snatched many things from him and now he have to pay for it.

In the house, Bua maa and Jhanvi praise Gauri and says that she is the only one who can save Om from every danger. Gauri takes their blessings nd says that she don’t need any necklace but love. She then tells that she will become Om’s shield in every way but will not show her true face to him. Bua maa and Jhanvi gets happy. Just then Kaali Thakur comes there and Gauri gets shocked to see her.

Kaali Thakur greets Buamaa and asks about Om. Gauri leaves from there. She runs out and sees Om. Om asks her to stop but she leaves. Then Om goes inside the house and gets shocked to see Kali Thakur there. He starts scolding him and asks him to leave. Kaali Thakur asks him to have patience and tells that he comes to take her things back. Om looks on at him.

In today’s episode of Dil Bole Oberoi, we are going to see that Om will tell Kali Thakur to leave. Kali Thakur will tell Om that he had snatched everything. He will ask Om to return the land and his wife as well. Om will get angry and will get agree to return his land. He will later tell that he have no connection with Gauri and he also doesn’t care for her. Gauri will get shocked to hear this.

Kali Thakur will look towards Chulbul and will tell Om that he will take his wife for sure. He will start dragging Chulbul which will shock everyone. Om will stop Kali Thakur that he can’t take Chulbul. Kali Thakur will make Om see Gauri’s true face which will shock Om. Now it will be interesting to see that what will Om do to know Gauri’s truth. Stay tuned with us for more updates and gossips of Dil Bole Oberoi like this.

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