Diljit’s Comedy Movie “Sardaar Ji 2” 3rd Day {First Weekend} Box Office Collection Earnings


Sardaar Ji 2 which is the sequel of the most famous and loved movie Sardaar ji movie has done a fabulous job and got so much love and appreciation till now which wasn’t even expected by the movie makers.

Sardaar Ji 2 is a comedy/action thriller movie which features double role of the world known and famous for his talent both in singing and acting and has proven his worth also in Bollywood. The movie is a story about a farmer who is very different because of his farming methods and growing and yielding vegetables which are far beyond imagination has has won records for extra big vegetables. But when one day when suddenly some land-owners reach to the village and claim that the village is their property and ask for compensation and the whole amount of the area then Diljit who is playing the farmer role comes forward and takes the responsibility to bring the money by going to his relatives home in foreign and earn the money from there.

Sardaar-Ji-2-Diljit-Dosanjh but because of  a girl he meets there he gets inside a gang of dangerous people and the goons of that country then the second role or the double role of Diljit comes up to help him in tackling to those people.

The movie is fully packed with all the things which the people requires and wants to see in a movie. The movie has done amazing job till now and has break the record which is set by the first part of the movie. The movie has made a great and grand entry to the box office and has done an impressive collection till now.

The movie was released on 24th of June world-wide and with this amazing entry the movie has done an amazing earnings of about

1st day collection of about 2.75 crores which is very impressive for most of guys because of one of the biggest opening till now compared to 2.4 at the time of Sardaar ji.

2nd day collection is about 3 crore,

3rd Day is predicted to be about 4 crore,

With total collection of First weekend is about 5.75 crore.

The movie is going on very well around the theaters and is getting so much love from the audience.

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