Disney’s Adventurous Movie “The BFG” {First weekend} Box Office Collections Earnings

The BFG reviews and collections

A movie which is full of amazing scenes and make you feel like you are a kid again, an adventurous movie which is based on a story which is not new but the casting and the plotting of the movie is quite new.The movie “The BFG” is a story which is about a little girl named as Sophie. Who lives a simple life and one day she founded that she is having a giant human following her and after some time she finds that.

It’s about a London orphan who gets abducted by Big Friendly Giant, or BFG. He whisked away to the land of the giants. The BFG is indeed friendly and a bit sad, but nice. But there are other giants here. They’re not like this one and are much more scary and bullies, and so big that they tower over the BFG the way he towers over Sophie. They love to eat people, whom they call human beans, or simply beans.

The BFG reviews and collections

When Sophie hides from the bigger giants and they clomp around looking for her, the first thing the BFG does is find Sophie’s glasses and hide them in his pocket. He does it so that the bigger giants won’t see them and know for sure that he’s hiding a child, but there’s a more basic motivation: to prevent them from getting crushed. “Do you have my glasses?” she asks him late in the film, during another action scene. “Of course,” he says.

The movie is filled with gestures that meaningful. Like the BFG, it cares about the little things, and it moves with a grace that belies its size. It’s a film about about dreaming and storytelling, parenting and childhood, nostalgia and pragmatism, and the necessity of standing up for yourself even when you know you can’t win. But most of all, it’s a film about two unlikely friends.

The movie is going great and done around 18 crore and is still going on fast pace, but is having two heavy and strong contenders against them like ‘Finding Dory’ and ‘The Tarzan’

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