Divyanka Tripathi Leading Actress Of Yeh Hai Mohabbatein Getting Busy In Wedding Preparations

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While raman was taking care of ishita and after watching them together shagun though that she doesn’t mattter anymore in his life. mrs bhalla checks her and finds that she is alright now and gives her cure for that. Mrs bhalla ask raman to do the same. Aaliya brings food for mani and they both talk about her making the food even if she didn’t cook in Australia. She thoughts that and gets happy that she has Adi who can solve any problem for her.

Shravan’s ttecher comes to house, shravan tells that she will teach french to us, Bala too comes there. Vandu comes there before his coming bala was holding the teachers hand and he thinks that why is he holding her hand, bala tells that i am getting late and then suddenly vandu makes her leave the hand. The lady praises bala and bless him and prays for him, but after listening to this Vandu gets angry after leaving of the lady.

Miihir greets bhalla, Mrs bhalla comes and asks for breakfast to them, Romi was praising about her to miihir by saying that you are lucky to marry a girl like her. Raman says you were very depressed and sad because of your mistakes, and says that everybody just cant do this and says that i will pity the girl who will marry you.

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Mihir too agrees with him and says that i’m very boring and don’t know how she manages to stay with me. Then he asks to neelu about raman, neelu tells that he didn’t open door even if i knocked it hard, and then says that i will talk to him later and thanks romi for his advice. Adi gets shocked to hear Romi saying this type of things to mihir and thinks of talking to romi. Ishita then wakes up and gets happy to see raman around her.

and tells that she didn’t sleep the whole night. and tells him about his stiff neck. Simmi asks mrs bhalla about her smiling reason, and where is raman till now but she denies to tell and says let her sleep and tells that they were happy to stay with each other and like the company of each other an didn’t wake them up after seeing all this.

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Then suddenly everyone sees raman shouting and everyone goes to see what happened, Ishita ask raman to relax, and tells that it is because of you and blames her for his stiff neck and the pain, Mrs bhalla and everyone come out and asks about it, and everybody misunderstands about them but Raman says that nobody needs to think about it, then Shagun calls the doctor.

Doctor comes and checks what happened, And says that yesterday i come to visit your wife and now you and when he tells the doctor everything and doctor advice him that you are no more able to sleep in sitting position.
Next day when raman was getting ready for the office and while getting ready he falls in the bathroom floor.

Ishita gets worried and asks what happened. But rather than asking for help he shouts and says who leaves the floor of bathroom wet and floor watery. Ishita accepts her mistake and asks for forgiveness and offers him help but he is in anger and while shouting at her he says that i will manage it whatever.

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