Diya Aur Baati Hum 11th August 2016 Written Episode Updates Recap: Sandhya Tries To Save Misri

Diya Aur Baati Hum

Mishri calls Sandhya and she traces the call. Sandhya gets to know that this is some chemical factory and they leaves.Meenakshi cries and goes to Vikram and she says Vikram is always right and she has blamed a mother’s name and no daughter will trust her mom. She pushed her daughter in hell by her hands. She ssys she is so bad mom and sold her daughter. Vikram remains quiet. Vikram says he is responsible for all this and he never gave freedom to her daughter. He never trusted her daughter. He never talked to her thats why Meenakshi hid that things. He cries and says he cannot even understand what they wants and if he would be able to understand them then this day Will never come.

Diya Aur Baati Hum

Vikram says he is at fault. He failed as a father. Meenakshi cries and says she does not know where is her Mishri. Meenakshk thinks how she blamed Mansi that she ran away with some boy. She goes to Mansi and says sorry. She tells her that when she came to know about her then she thought that she ran away and every normal people thinks like that and she also did that. She did not think about her and now this is happening with her daughter. She regrets that she said bad words for her and thats why. All girls becomes ready. Mishri cries that she does not wants all this and wants to go back in time.

Lady comes and asks if everyone is ready or not. She goes to Mishri and asks where is her Taiji and she didnot come here to save her. She pushes Mishri. Sooraj says Sandhya has find out Mishri and he trusts Sandhya that she will bring Mishti come. Every buyer comes and says they wants best girls. Every men bets for the girls. Sandhya and her team reaches and asks not to shoot. Theu seperates and says we have to save all girls. That lady asks to

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