Diya Aur Baati Hum 12th August 2016 Written Episode Updates Recap: Sandhya Fight With Goons

Diya Aur Baati Hum

That lady shows Mishri to men and Mishri cries and thinks Sandhya should save her. Lady asks what price will you will give for this girl. Sandhya sees that there is no one and they finds a secret way there. They enters and finds they escaped from here. Arpita sees Cigratte is still burning and they left now. Sandhya says we have security outside the factory and they cannot go out like this. They checks and finds no one. Sandhya thinks and surely there is a secret way here from which they have escaped. They finds secret way and goes in.

Diya Aur Baati Hum

Shimpi gets tensed and thinks how will they manage to take these girls with them. Makrand says he is not a small player and handled all things very smartly before. They gives girls some injection and they all faints. Makrand says we have to cross the border of Rajasthan. They goes keeps girls in drums and goes in truck.
Sandhya and her team seacrhes them and Arpita sees injections lying down on ground. She picks up one injection.

Police stops truck of Lady and then they investigates it. They finds nothing and Lady remembers that Makrand said to keep chemical drums in front and girls container on back. Police leaves the truck and lady gets in. She informs Makrand that police left them. Makrand says they will make these girls cross the border of Rajasthan and today is independence day but for these girls it is not independence day. Makrand asks to take out girls and bring them in ambulance. Man says drums are empty. Makrand says what are you talking. They finds no body. Makrand asks where are girls from truck. Lady is Arpita and holds Makrand’s hand. They gets shocked. She puts gun on Makrand’s head and says he will go now to jail. Makrand says she doesnot know where she came. Arpita says if anyone will shoot then she will shoot Makrand. Suddenly boy shoots and Arpita goes back.

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