Diya Aur Baati Hum 14th August 2016 Written Episode Updates DABH Recap: Bhabho Worries For Kanak

Diya Aur Baati Hum

Mishri comes home and Meenakshi hugs her. Vikram becomes happy to see her. Sandhya comes. Bhabho cries and hugs Mishri. Sooraj says she has done a great work and if she is fine or not. Sandhya says she is fine and she wants her burfi. She eats burfi and Bhabho says they are so lucky to have Sandhya as daughter of this house. She will get blessings from all daughters. Bhabho says if someone’s child gets hurt then parents also hurt. Sandhya thinks Vansh also went when he was hurt and she feels bad everytime for her. Sandhya cries remembering tears of Vansh and how he feels about them and above all he does not wants to come here again.

Diya Aur Baati Hum

Sooraj goes to her and sees her crying. Sooraj asks if she is missing Vansh. He asks her not to cry and may be god has thought something good for us and he believes truly that one day all misunderstandings will eradicate and Vansh will hug her like that Mishri is happy with Meenkashi. Meenakshi cries and Bhabho asks her to handle herself as Mishri came home. Vikram also says Meenakshi does not looks good like this. Meenakshi says she cannot handle anything wrong with Mishri and she is her weak point. Meenakshi goes to Sandhya and says its good deed to make Parents meet their children. She thanks Sandhya for all and says she wants to meet Mansi’s parents and will tell them that Mansi is their daughter and she needs their support.

Sandhya becomes happy. Emily packs parlour. Arzoo gives sweets to Maasaa and Emily and she says please eat. Maasaa asks if Arzoo is going to Dubai to Chhotu. She says yes. Maasaa asks why she is sad. Arzoo says she will get bored there as Chhotu will be. Busy in his work. Emily says go there and talk and enjoy. Arzoo says happiness is here as everyone is here. Arzoo says she will call Chhotu here and asks him to search job here. Emily says its wrong. Arzoo says she got big family for once. Sandhya and Sooraj listens something broke in store room. They goes to check. They finds Bhabho and Ved in store room. Ved tells they are making big rakhi as Kanak will tie rakhi on his hand.

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