Diya Aur Baati Hum 22nd August 2016 Epic Episode Written Updates Recap: Terrorists Shootout At Pushkar

Diya Aur Baati Hum

Arzoo tells Vansh has come and Sanshya and Sooraj went to see him. They sees Sooraj and he brings Vansh. Bhabho asks what happened. Boys thinks that police has blocked all ways to get out. They hides in a vacant place. Arpita and Sandhya comes along force. They all hides and holds guns in hand. He shoots and police also replies back. They fights. Sandhya says if they wants their life then they should surrender and she will count upto three. She starts counting. Suddenly boys starts shooting. Arpita also shoots. Sooraj cries and tells about what all happened. Bhabho also starts crying and pampers Vansh. Vansh says if you find my mumma papa. Vansh says you said Sandhya will arrest them. Vansh says he will not go anywhere and he will kill those boys.

Diya Aur Baati Hum

He becomes out of control and Sooraj handles him. He faints. Bhabho shouts for water. Ved asks him to gey up. Bhabho throws water droplets. Police gets shot and Sandhya asks Arpita to take them to hospital. Arpita says how can she leave her alone here. She says follow her orders and she will handle them. Sandhya starts shooting. Head boy sees him and tries to shoot but his guns becomes finished. He says we cannot handle police for long time and force will come anytime. He asks Vp to do his work. Sandhya thinks they are hiding themselves and she proceeds. Boy throws trap on her. She gets into it and they lifts her up.

Head boy comes downstairs. Sandhha hangs in air inside trap and tries to free herself. All boys come. Vikram asks Sooraj to calm down and Vansh will be fine soon. They takes him to home. Bhabho asks to open the door. Vansh remembers that scene and shouts this is not his home and why they brought him here. Sooraj says this is your house. Vansh also remembers they hid truth of being his real parents. He says this is not his family as family does not give his child to anyone easily and they treated him like other kid. He says his mom dad had died and this is not his family.

Ved asks not to say like this as his house is his house and everything belongs to him. Vansh sayd no he has no relation with the. He runs. Sooraj stops him. He asks him to go inside then they will talk. Vansh says no they will not understand and he will die but not come in this house.

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