Diya Aur Baati Hum 23rd August 2016 Written Episode Updates Video: Sandhya’s Family At Terrorists Gunpoint

Diya Aur Baati Hum

Police force comes to that place and Sees Sandhya unconscious. They makes her free and takes her down. Sandhya says don’t worry she is fine. They have to focus on terrorists and they would have ran away. Boys hides and listens. Boys thinks that this Sandhya has been saved and she is so clever. Head boy says that police will block all the roads and they will find us. They thinks we have to save Jimmy as he is shot. He cries and head boy says they cannot go to hospital and wr have to take his bullet out now. We have no other choice. He thinks if we have to escape and go to hotel then police will definitely find them. But police will not find us in normal colony and they sees main gate and thinks we can control that area.

Diya Aur Baati Hum

Boy says we will control that area and live safely in that area. We will decide one area. They takes some name. He says make chits and then we will decide which area. Then we don’t have to feel unsafe as Police will not do encounter there for common people. Sandhya asks to check all the regions. Vansh cries and says he will not go in this house as no one loves him. His real parents died and he will kill all those boys who killed his parents. Bhabho cries and says no she is his Dadi and she loves him so much. Babasaa also says he is his dada and no one can change this truth. He says no. You gave me to Ankur. Suddenly some persons come and starts firing.

Terrorists says this area is under their control now. Everyone runs and they shoots one man. Everyone becomes scared. They takes their phone and asks not to take any step otherwise they will shoot them all. Everyone gives their phone. Vikram thinks he has to inform Sandhya about this. Sooraj also thinks how he should tell Sandhya all this. That all these terrorists have came to Hanuman gali and spreading terror here. Sandhya goes to hospital and asks for any case of a boy who is shot. Doctor says no and Sandhya gets Vikram’s call. Terrorists take his phone and beats him up. Meenakshi shouts. Sooraj asks them to leave him. Vansh sees them and thinks of the scene. Sandhya calls Vikram but his phone is off.

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